After a Flood, Call an Electrician

If you have had a flood in your home recently, then you may need to call an electrician. Having a flood in your home will make you think about safety first because it is a huge factor. Water and electricity don’t go together. It can be a hazardous situation. If your homes wiring has gotten water in it because of a flood, you must contact an experienced electrician to come in to your property and examine the wiring and electrical box. Moreover, the electrician should check for other problems with the electricity in your residence. Often, the wiring in your home won’t need replacing after a flood. But to make sure, an inspection should be done.

After a flood, you should have the main electrical switch turned off for safety reasons. You should also switch off circuit breakers and take out all fuses. Unplug all your appliances if they have come in contact with the flood water. As soon as you attempt to get rid of all flood water from your home, try and dry out your residence by opening doors and windows and getting rid of much water as you can. If you need Towing Atlanta, call my guys over at Elite Towing Atlanta. Drying out your home is imperative. All your electrical work must be done by a skilled electrician.

An electrician should be called to your home to perform the following after a flood: an electrician must inspect and clean out your electrical box; she/he should examine to see if there are any broken fixtures and exposed wiring anywhere in your residence; she/he should examine every outlet, receptacle, fuse and breaker box, and replace smoke detectors and thermostats that was contaminated by the flood water. The electrician must check all the wiring that connects to your home’s switches or outlets. An electrician should be extremely thorough when examining your residence for water damage.