Safety, Electric, and Adverse Weather

You can safeguard yourself and your family in the event of the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning storms that kill and injure hundreds every year if you’re clued-up about electrical safety before and after weather disasters.

After severe weather has left the area, electrical hazards can still cause injuries and fatalities. Consumers are advised to be wary of electrical dangers connected with broken power lines, electrical generators and wiring, or appliances that are wet. The following preventive measure can help:

  • Utilize care when stepping into flooded areas, regardless if it’s indoors or outdoors. Submerged/down power lines can energize water, providing a hazardous trap.
  • If you see anyone near a downed power line, don’t touch the person. You could get electrocuted. Instead, call 911.
  • Never drive over downed power lines.
  • Get an electrician to install portable electric generators to make sure they meet local electrical codes and are accurately grounded. Wrongly installed generators can backfeed along power lines and electrocute anyone working to restore your power. There was a case like this with my friends at wedding photography Atlanta Ga a few years ago and it was a mess, really ruined a local wedding for a couple and the whole family!
  • Keep your generator dry. Don’t operate it in enclosed or somewhat enclosed areas. Generators generate deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Do not overwork a generator; follow the manufacturer’s instructions cautiously.
  • Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to assist in stopping electrocutions.
  • Do not use electrical wiring or equipment that is wet or damp. Contact a qualified service repairman to recondition electrical equipment; a licensed electrician can examine electrical systems.
  • To avoid lightning striking you, stay indoors and away from windows while the storm is happening.
  • During electrical storms, don’t utilize your telephone except in an emergency.
  • Avoid coming into contact with water and plumbing during the storm.
  • If you so happen to be outdoors during an electrical storm, relocate to a low point. Keep away from metal items.
  • Don’t forget your animals during thunderstorms. Doghouses aren’t safe from lightning. Chained animals can be struck by lightnings.

After a Flood, Call an Electrician

If you have had a flood in your home recently, then you may need to call an electrician. Having a flood in your home will make you think about safety first because it is a huge factor. Water and electricity don’t go together. It can be a hazardous situation. If your homes wiring has gotten water in it because of a flood, you must contact an experienced electrician to come in to your property and examine the wiring and electrical box. Moreover, the electrician should check for other problems with the electricity in your residence. Often, the wiring in your home won’t need replacing after a flood. But to make sure, an inspection should be done.

After a flood, you should have the main electrical switch turned off for safety reasons. You should also switch off circuit breakers and take out all fuses. Unplug all your appliances if they have come in contact with the flood water. As soon as you attempt to get rid of all flood water from your home, try and dry out your residence by opening doors and windows and getting rid of much water as you can. If you need Towing Atlanta, call my guys over at Elite Towing Atlanta. Drying out your home is imperative. All your electrical work must be done by a skilled electrician.

An electrician should be called to your home to perform the following after a flood: an electrician must inspect and clean out your electrical box; she/he should examine to see if there are any broken fixtures and exposed wiring anywhere in your residence; she/he should examine every outlet, receptacle, fuse and breaker box, and replace smoke detectors and thermostats that was contaminated by the flood water. The electrician must check all the wiring that connects to your home’s switches or outlets. An electrician should be extremely thorough when examining your residence for water damage.

Preventing Home Electric Fires

Insufficient electrical capacity is mostly due to increasing the number of devices that consume electricity in your home like HVAC equipment, refrigerators, washers/dryers, stoves, dishwashers, computers, televisions, and other powerful electric motor driven tools and appliances.

As you add devices to your home, the power supply may become insufficient. If you have indicators, like fuses or circuit breakers working then not working, or lights coming on and going off, its time to really look at your circumstances before equipment failure, fire, or other issues come about. This post is brought to you by Roswell Junk Pros!

Limited service panel

When the overall requirement from total electrical devices is bigger than what the panel is able to give, the main service panel will probably fail, regularly. Excess usage requires that the panel rating is a smaller amount than needed or the panel could be lessening capacity due to not having any space left for additional fuses or circuit breakers.

Overloaded circuits

Another use for the circuit map is to decide if demand on the circuits are bigger than the amperage rating of the circuit operating it. It is critical to note peak demands of appliances that may draw more power on starting and create a power surge that trips the breaker.

Insufficient number of outlets

A general suggestion is to have at least one outlet for every 12 feet of wall, ground fault interrupted outlets in bathrooms and exterior walls, one outlet for each counter top in the kitchen, or as required by local codes.

The most apparent indicator that more outlets are needed is when you start to use multi-outlet extension cords on a regular or permanent basis. Most low-cost extension cords are not made to carry heavy amperage required of permanent wiring. Excess loads may cause your whole property to blackout, overheating, or a fire.

Utility programs provide a selection of measures that can diminish energy consumption and consumer utility expenses.

What is Electrical Contracting?

What do you require an electric company business for? Maybe the correct question should be what don’t you require a power company business for? Lets face it; virtually everything we are concerned in these days demands electric energy. Whether or not we are at the house, at school, at operate or at leisure, we use electric energy. In offering simple services, such as in hospitals and authorities companies, electric energy is necessary. Just what does an electric company business do about electrical energy?

An accredited complete program electrical builder organization is hired to layout, set up, maintain and restore residential, business and industrial electrical systems and electrical tasks. My good friend who owns a moving company Pflugerville knows all about this from a previous life. Its responsibilities consist of upgrading and electrical repairs on electrical panels, manage panels, electrical bins and electrical motors; cable fault locating; and servicing of road lights, parking great deal lights, landscape lights, business lights and safety lights. The electrical builder organization provides all electrical parts & supplies for all its tasks. It is also anticipated to offer bucket trucks totally equipped to reply swiftly to electrical emergencies spherical the clock year spherical.

For areas susceptible to hurricanes, a certified complete services electric company business can be employed to Continue reading

Hiring the right electrical contractor

Hiring the right electrical contractor can make or break your project.  Whether you have bought a new home that requires some serious electrical work or simply require someone to re-wire your light switches, you will need to find a good, honest electrician that you can trust to do a good job. They are quite hard to come by in this day and age, with so many under qualified electricians owning businesses and promoting their services. To avoid contracting an under qualified electrician to complete electrical work in your house, there are some tips that you should follow. This article will outline some of the most important things you should think about before you hire and pay an electrician to do work in your home

Everything is pretty going well in your life then all of a sudden you have this electric difficulty at home. My guy over at Tax Resolution LLC had a huge electrical issue recently and asked me for a referral.  Whom are you going to call to mind it? Will it be your pal who knows a bit about electricity? Or would it be a good electrician who will do his job well? It might be extraordinarily dodgy if your pal, who isn’t an electrical craftsman, would get the job done. You could risk his life if unwelcome accidents might occur. So it might be really safe to discover a good electrical engineer to get the job done. But naturally, finding a good electrical craftsman isn’t Continue reading